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Carroll County Bicentennial Barn Project

Thank you for your interest in the Carroll County Bicentennial Barn Project. Many people like barns and would enjoy the story and photos of your barn. We are conducting a survey of old barns in the county and has set up a website listing barns and showing photos. We would like to have a sizable survey completed and information posted on this website during 2016—the Bicentennial of Indiana Statehood.


Which barns qualify for listing?

The main standard for listing a barn is the owner’s own interest in the history, story or structure of a barn. Some barns have been beautifully restored, some have fallen on very hard times and most are somewhere in between. All qualify if the owners think that a barn’s story is important.


Respect for private property

Driving around the countryside is a great way to see old barns, but please view them from the road. Take your pictures from the road. And, as a general rule, please don’t bother the family unless there is an individual outside near the road.


Register Your Barn