We Love Our Barns

Old barns are fascinating. They give a feast for the eyes. It is relaxing to drive by an old barn and wonder about its past. We can wonder who was there long ago and how the barns were used in the past. All of the old barns still around are treasures of our rural landscape. Some have been carefully restored, some have fallen on hard times and most are somewhere in between. Even old barn foundations have interesting stories to tell.

While this website exhibits old wood and stone barns, it is not just for officially designated “historic” or “heritage” barns. We embrace all barns in the area—including some outside of Carroll County—and we seek to honor them on this website. The barns featured on this website all have owners who are proud to show pictures of their barns, but please respect their privacy when locating and viewing their barns in the countryside.

PLEASE RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY. Driving around the countryside is a great way to see old barns, but please view them from the road. Take your pictures from the road. And, as a general rule, please don’t bother the family unless there is an individual outside near the road.


Most of the barn photographs are by David McCain and Mark Smith.

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